3D origami cockatoo parrot tutorial (instruction)

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In this video we will learn how to make parrot cockatoo from a paper in the art 3D origami. Get realistic bird. It will replenish your collection 3D origami works.

This is the author's work Oksana Vershigora

We need to assemble cockatoo parrot 566 pieces size 1/32 and 9 pieces size 1/16.

We need:

525 white, 29 yellow, 12 black and 9 white (1/16) triangular pieces

How to make pieces 1/32 see here.

How to make pieces 1/16 see here.

Making body of parrot

1st, 2nd and 3rd row of 10 white pieces in each

Make the 4th row of 15 white

Make the 5th row of 15 white

Slightly bend the construction and make 6th row of 15 pieces

7th row: 22 pieces

8th row: 22 pieces

9th row: 22 pieces

and 10th row: 22 pieces

11th row consists of 20 pieces (some pieces clothe on three corners)

12th row: 20 pieces

Making breast.

1st row: 13 pieces

2nd row: 12 pieces

3rd row: 13 pieces (short side pieces outward)

4th row: 12 pieces (short side pieces outward)

Making neck

(short side pieces outward)

1st row: 7 pieces

2nd row: 6 pieces

3rd row: 5 pieces

4th row: 4 pieces

5th row: 5 pieces

6th row: 4 pieces

7th row: 5 pieces

8th row: 4 pieces

9th row: 3 pieces

10th row: 4 pieces

11th row: 3 pieces

12th row: 4 pieces

13th row: 3 pieces

(pay attention to the way we dress them)

bend the neck

Making the head of pieces of 1/16:

1st row: 5,

2nd row: 4

Glue the head

Making the wing of parrot:

1st row - 2 white,

2nd row - 3 white,

3rd row - 4 white,

4th row - 5 white

5th row - 6 white

6th row - 5 white

7th row - 6 white

8th row - 5 white

9th row - 6 white

10th row - 5 white

11th row - 6 white

12th row - 5 white

13th row - 6 white

14th row - 5 white

15th row - 5 white

16th row - 4 white

17th row - 4 white

18th row - 3 white

19th row - 3 white

20th row - 2 white

21th row - 1 white

In the mirror reflection make second wing

Slightly bend the wings and glue them

Making the paw:

3 white,

5 black

Making two such paws

Making the tail of 24 white

And glue it

glue the paws

Making the beak of 2 black and attach it

Making topknot

1st: 9 yellow, 2 white

2nd: 7 yellow, 1 white

3rd: 7 yellow

4th: 6 yellow

(WARNING extreme pieces)

And glue its

draw the eyes

Everything! Cockatoo 3D origami ready!

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And now you know how to make cockatoo parrot in the art 3D origami (modular origami). Use this video as a master class in the assembly cockatoo.

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